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Juan Cruz and Alexander Caraballo, two Venezuelans known for their success obtained in the field of Interior Decorating in which they make the style, the form, the colors and the design stand out. Turning it all into one perfect set, that offers distinction and elegance with the personal seal that characterizes it.

They both maintained alive that restlessness for the arts, the colors, the forms, the spaces and the atmospheres which they have shared for years, having accomplished innumerable courses, specialized studies and workshops, dedicated to that world that throughout their lives have inspired them. Culminating their preparation and having graduated as Interior Decorators from the prestigious University of Miami, reaching great recognitions in a professional level.

The Art and the culture of their Latin American roots have fortified them; but it’s their extensive trips world-wide and the exhibition of diverse tendencies, cultures and life styles, what has given them the power to handle with perfect ability the world of Interior Decorating with extraordinary passion.

Both in common agreement express:

“It’s really passion which should be felt, just like how we feel it more everyday in this career; to be able to take gigantic steps in this eternal learning.”

Today residing for several years in the United States, a place that they consider like the perfect place to extend their knowledge of Interior Decorating; which with pride they express, they dominate with perfection. Interior decorating in all shades form their lives, their essence and their being, filling all the empty spaces of their days. With an extensive list of clients constructed throughout all these years, who all being satisfied and that one by one could give faith of that satisfaction, which they have felt to have been able to count on the intervention of the lives of these two great artists of the world of Interior Decorating.

Miami, Fl
  • +1 (786) 556.9890
  • +1 (786) 351.0907

Each home is a mission, each space an illusion and the biggest gratification is seeing the faces filled with happiness that our clients give us at the end of each finished project; passing through the magic obtained in each space with our own personal touch impregnated of one great responsibility

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